PSG Services

The three elements of public investment management:

Manage these three elements well and you will have a model investment program. PSG can help assess the overall effectiveness of your portfolio by comparing it to appropriate benchmarks. While preservation of principal and maintaining appropriate liquidity should always be your foremost objectives, it is also responsible stewardship to pay attention to yield. This can be accomplished through effective duration management (managing portfolio maturities.)

Investment Portfolio Diagnostics

will review your organization's investment portfolio and investment policies, if policies are in place. Some states don't require that municipalities have investment policies depending on portfolio size or portfolio duration. However, it is always prudent investment management to have policies in place and kept current. PSG can assist in the
development of these guiding policies.

Investment Advisor Search

Regardless of portfolio size, you should consider hiring an Investment Advisor. (See "10 Ways PSG Will Help" under "Why Hire Advisors" tab.)

If you now use an Investment Advisor, PSG can assist you at contract maturity. We can help you determine whether to renew your current advisory contract or to issue an RFP to evaluate the current offerings and pricing of other various Investment Advisors.

In most cases, the advisory fees pay for themselves from increased earnings, relative to what you would earn with your current investment practice. Here’s a quick list of the benefits of using an Investment Advisor:

Benefits to you:

  • Peace of Mind
. . . that comes with added confidence in the safety of the portfolio.

  • Shared Fiduciary Responsibility
. . . with your Investment Advisor.

  • Increased Confidence
. . . due to professional third party view and support.

  • Enhanced Reputation
. . . to you and your organization.

  • Save Valuable Staff Time
. . . by outsourcing the search process.

  • Improved Performance
. . . normally resulting from advisory services. (Even a slight yield improvement typically more than offsets fees.)